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European and American markets have their eyes on Vero coin(VERO).

As many of us knows that the crypto currency is the new trend in the financial world. The total market capitalization of all the digital assets combined is currently over $770Bn and is quickly approaching the $1 trillion mark. A bunch of cryptocurrencies have been rising, but a few digital assets in particular, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple , Bitcoin cash and Vero coin had been in the eyes of the European and American market.


Cryptocurrencies have created the largest transfer in wealth since the 1800s. The birth of bitcoin and other digital assets that followed is proving to be one of the largest transfers of wealth since the 2009s when people discovered cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies have made these founders extremely wealthy and investors of these blockchain tokens don’t seem concerned about the founder’s holdings. To these people, its likely that people like Satoshi Nakamoto, Chris Larsen, Vitalik Buterin and Brian Tibbs are to keep the cryptocurrency growing in value. Many individuals and those who are confident in these founders are also on the same path to keep their own digital assets growing in value. Many individuals and those who are confident in these founders understand that if they did dump their coins on the market, it would be devastating.


Ripple has spent the last 2 weeks enjoying new found fame. Recently surpassing Ethereum, Ripple’s currency XRP took its place as the number two digital currency in market cap rankings. And while Coinbase has decided to leave off Ripple trading for now, things could very well change in the future granted XRP can continue its current trajectory. According to TIME, there are over 61 billion XRP yet Ripple has only distributed about 38 billion, meaning that 23 billion have yet to enter syndication and the company (along with the price of XRP) is looking to grow even further. Ripple also boasts some major banks as users, including Bank of America and UBS. Ripple has shot up by 650 times since the beginning of 2017 to approximately 3.47USD.


Following the last two months boom in price of cryptocurrencies, Vero coin now boasts a total market capitalization of over $3.1Bn USD. With Vero International entering the Asia Region under Aiden Lau(General Manager of Vero International Asia Region) leadership, Vero coin’s price had a very healthy growth. In November, Vero coin had seen at least 400% surge in price to approximately to USD100 when they affiliated Apple. It was a very strategic move to dock with Apple that had caught the attention of the European and American market.